Landscaper's Top Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2019

Landscaper's Top Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2019 in Hollis, NH

The dawn of a new year is an excellent driving force for change, and many homeowners use this time to think about making updates to their homes and landscapes. Various elements of your outdoor living space might require improvement, like the pool or outdoor lighting layout, for example. If, however, you decide to breathe new life into your outdoor kitchen, then read on for a landscaper’s insight into the latest outdoor kitchen trends in Hollis, NH.

Custom-made Features

Nothing adds character to an outdoor living space like custom-made features. Grills, countertops, fireplaces, and tables can all be designed to suit the specific dimensions, color palette, and aesthetic of an outdoor living space and its owner. Because of masonry craftmanship or a twist on traditional design, a custom-made piece could be impossible to miss and may speak volumes about the attention to detail and personalization that has gone into designing and building the outdoor living area.

Timeless Pieces

Trends evolve at an ever-increasing rate. Blink once and the styles you’ve just incorporated into your hardscape have become dated and replaced in mainstream outdoor design. Many money-savvy homeowners have come to this realization and found a way to combat the costly effects of trying to keep up-to-date with changing trends. Certain features within an outdoor kitchen—or indoor kitchen, for that matter—bear a timeless nature. These features continue to look impressive despite the fact that they may not conform to the latest whims of the average homeowner. Examples include granite countertops and wooden pergolas. These timeless pieces also tend to be visually versatile and can complement a variety of hardscape designs. Therefore, homeowners can alter the surrounding hardscape in an effort to keep it modern without having to worry about these permanent features appearing out of place.

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Aesthetic Contrast

There are various well-defined aesthetic themes within hardscape design, including rustic, contemporary, bohemian, and classic historical themes. As a result, homeowners are hard-pressed to come up with hardscape designs that look and feel unique. The solution lies in merging contrasting aesthetic themes to create a new hybrid aesthetic that is unpredictable and captivating. Landscapers expect to see the increased execution of industrial chic styles, which pair unrefined metals and materials with luxurious accents. Wrought-iron bar stools and unrefined stone slabs can be paired with a state-of-the-art grill and overhead chandeliers to create this look.

A Natural Look and Feel

Modern outdoor design can effectively distract from the fact that you’re outdoors by offering indoor luxuries and plenty of comforts. Many homeowners adore this effect, as it serves to extend their indoor living space without compromising elements of their lifestyle.

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However, homeowners who enjoy being outdoors are finding ways to combat the sometimes dominating effect of concrete and other artificial materials. Keeping outdoor living spaces open-air is an important part of this trend, as an endless blue sky is one of the main marvels found outdoors. At most, you may want to install a pergola that provides partial shade while allowing sunlight to filter through. It is particularly important to keep an outdoor kitchen as open-air as possible to provide adequate ventilation and prevent fires. Surround your outdoor kitchen with plenty of lush vegetation and consider replacing rugs with areas of natural or artificial grass.