Must-Have Landscape Design Features and Elements for the Fall in Laconia, NH

Fall is arguably the most beautiful season of the year, especially in Laconia, NH. It brings with it the rich, warm colors of falling leaves, the need for cozy sweaters, Halloween decorations, and festive cheer. Many homeowners revel in dusting off their old plastic pumpkins, decorating their homes to embody the spirit of the season, and thinking about how to enhance their landscape to make the most of the outdoors before the cold weather arrives. Here are a few ways to spice up your landscape design this fall.

Cared-for Evergreens

Fall is characterized by the vibrant array of red, orange, and brown foliage it brings about. However, landscapers suggest that you include plenty of evergreens in your fall landscape, to provide a natural canvas against which these rich hues can truly stand out. When choosing plantings for fall, ensure that clusters of deciduous trees are broken up with evergreen varieties in order to create contrast. Evergreen trees will also provide your backyard with year-round privacy and color.

A Zen Getaway

Fall landscapes are all about showcasing natural foliage. Lush vegetated areas are excellent spots for setting up small zen gardens where you can relax and take in the sights and sounds of nature. Set a comfortable bench or armchair down underneath a canopy of ever-changing leaves, creating a kaleidoscope of color when the sun filters through from above.

A Garden Gate

If you have a quaint fence or gate, be sure to exploit it during the fall and create a wonderland-like look and feel. Structures like these can be covered in vines that turn deep red and purple as the season progresses. This is a simple yet effective way to make your landscape more interesting and emphasize its seasonal theme. Deep brown bricks and white-painted wood pair stunningly with dusty pink and purple plants.

New Pops of Color

Colorful containers can be used to brighten dull areas of the landscape to which the colder temperatures are less kind. They can be filled with hardy grasses and plants that will hold their own for a few weeks at least. Popping a pumpkin or two into the nooks and crannies of your landscape is also an excellent—albeit traditional—way to imbue your backyard with seasonal cheer. While pumpkins do well in cold climates, homeowners in warmer areas can opt for realistic plastic or foam varieties instead.

A Water Feature

Must-Have Landscape Design Features and Elements for the Fall in Laconia, NH

Fall, as a theme, revolves around the beauty of nature and the stunning transitions it undergoes. Incorporating a body of water into your landscape will, therefore, work well with the theme and create calm ambience all year round. Consider a sloped rock garden, through which a delicate stream runs. The stream could end in a wispy waterfall that cascades over slabs of stone, surrounded by a mix of colorful plants. Alternatively, a simple fountain and accompanying pond can provide an ongoing serene soundtrack that pairs perfectly with the stunning visuals the season has to offer.

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Good Groundcover

While deciduous trees provide a canopy of ever-changing color, the floor of your softscape will require some tender loving care in the weeks before it is shrouded by leaves. Opt for attractive groundcover, like the cranberry cotoneaster, for a lush green blanket or array of colorful fruits underfoot.