4 Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard in Amherst, NH

When the weather is nice, sending the kids outside to play in your Amherst, NH, backyard can bring some peace and quiet to the house. Spending time outdoors encourages good health and creative play. To motivate your children to head outside, consider these kid-friendly landscaping ideas. 

Seamless Transition

4 Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard in Amherst, NH

One way to make the outside more appealing is to create a practical transition between the indoors and the outdoors. Installing folding French doors onto a patio area can make it easy for your kids to play while you can still monitor their activities. This type of door also lends itself well to eating dinner on the patio, and afterward, the kids can play in the yard while you relax with your favorite drink. Also, consider using non-slip paving stones for any walkways and the patio area to protect from slips and falls. 

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Plant a Garden

Planting a garden can teach your children many things about the environment. Often our children don’t know where their food actually comes from, so a garden can help them learn firsthand. Many kids will get excited about planting and harvesting a garden, and proudly show off what they have grown to eat. You may even be able to get them eating vegetables that they ordinarily would not try—because they have grown it, the incentive to branch out and try a new food is stronger.

Planting flowers along with some vegetables can also encourage butterflies and bees to visit your yard. Then, you and your family can look up the creatures to learn about their type and habits. Another bonus to planting flowers is that they can be harvested to make your table look beautiful with an arrangement made by your children—it would be a wonderful sight at the end of a long day.

Build a Tree House

There are so many tree house ideas that can bring fun and imagination to your backyard. A tree house could be constructed around a low tree to provide shade on a hot day. Most kids love a secret place of their own to play pirates, or to read a book, or just to sit with a friend and talk. Outfit the tree house with pillows and blankets and it can become a fort or a campout. Add twinkly lights to bring illumination at night and the kids can pretend to be explorers. 

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Install a Fountain

Like the fountains that are in public places of a city for kids and adults to run through on a hot day, consider a similar style fountain for your backyard. Constructed of stone material that resists slipping, a fountain can provide hours of fun on a hot day. And, if the water is recycling, it can save on usage and money. When you hear the squeals and laughter of your children and their friends as they dash through the water, you will know that this was a great addition to the yard.

A design/build company can bring you a wealth of ideas for a kid-friendly backyard. Turn to the company’s expertise for the latest trends and are safety concepts for turning your landscape into the gathering and play area for your family.