Adding a Custom Masonry Fire Pit to Your Milford, NH, Backyard

Outdoor fire pits are versatile features in any hardscape design. They not only bring function to an outdoor living space, but they are inviting with their beauty and distinctiveness. Whether you are looking to entertain large crowds or cozy up with a loved one, an outdoor fire pit will not disappoint. Adding a custom masonry fire pit to your Milford, NH, backyard may be the game changer you have been looking for.

Deciding on the Right Type of Fire Pit

Adding a Custom Masonry Fire Pit to Your Milford, NH, Backyard

Once you have made the decision to incorporate a custom masonry fire pit into your backyard design, you will need to first consider what your preference is when it comes to the type of fire pit you would like. There are two types of outdoor fire pits. The first is the wood burning fire pit, and the second is the gas burning fire pit. There are many benefits to both, so don’t be too hasty with your selection. When making your choice, remember to keep the following considerations in mind: smoke tolerance, placement, fuel availability, and storage. Also, keep in mind that a natural wood burning fire pit will produce soot, smoke, and hot ash. Additionally, the wood will need to be properly stored somewhere on location. Gas fire pits can burn a lot cleaner, but they require gas lines and propane storage. It all comes down to personal preference.

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Where to Put Your New Fire Pit  

Once you have selected the type of outdoor fire pit you are interested in, you will need to make sure the placement is suitable for the design, as well as your wants and needs. It is important to understand that if you want a real wood-burning fire pit, certain areas may not be ideal for fire, such as enclosed patios or areas near fencing or other outdoor structures, as well as areas under or around trees and low hanging limbs. Placing a fire pit in these areas can create issues that you did not anticipate. You should avoid these problems at the initial stages of planning and designing. 

Another consideration when it comes to placement is the wind and freeze elements of our New Hampshire nights. Be sure to incorporate your outdoor fire pit into a location where you can enjoy the warmth of the fire, even on a brisk night. You could always consider the addition of a seat wall to help hold in the heat and block the wind chill.

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Masonry Style

The overall style of your fire pit will be determined by your own preferences. Fire pits can be round or square. They can include seat walls, either large or small. They can sit on the natural earth or upon a designed patio. Selecting the stone can be just as challenging. The options are virtually endless. Your fire pit can be rustic and layered with differing shapes and sizes of stone or sleek and uniform using stone cut into precisely shaped pieces. 

The stone color is another aspect to keep at the forefront of the design build process. It may be aesthetically pleasing to match your existing architecture, hardscape and landscape design. Or you may want to introduce a dramatic bold statement piece that stands on its own.