4 Unique Brick-Laying Patterns that Add Interest to Any Masonry Project in Milford, NH

Patterns form to make up some of the noteworthy brickwork used in fireplaces, patios, and retaining walls. For future outdoor projects that will definitely get noticed in Milford, NH, skilled brick masonry could make all the difference. It requires skilled masons to bring this ancient artwork into modern life.

With impeccable work, the team at Northern Lights, Inc. can set the vibe with a traditional brick pattern or impress with some of the following unique brick patterns that would bring warmth to any contemporary backyard.

Flemish Diagonal Bond

A variation of the original Flemish bond, which is laid in layers that include headers and stretchers, diagonal Flemish bond brickwork creates an intricate diagonal pattern. This pattern features stretcher courses alternating with courses of stretchers and headers, at various offsets.

The Flemish diagonal bond forms a visually detailed look that will add visual complexity to any front yard walkway, wall, or pillar. The diamond-shaped graphic formed by stretchers colored differently than the rest of the headers give the pattern its uniqueness. This pattern is perfect for, but not limited to, strictly formal landscape designs that embrace the power of textures and patterns. With a bit of creativity, the Flemish diagonal bond pattern will add dimension to any modern landscape. It’s been frequently used for beautifying the veneers of buildings.

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Herringbone Pattern

Aiming for a stable, tightly connected structure? The herringbone pattern is the strongest of all brick-laying patterns, and it can be arranged at a 45-degree or 90-degree angle, to create an energetic bond.

4 Unique Brick-Laying Patterns that Add Interest to Any Masonry Project in Milford, NH  

The bond consists of a repeated course of one stretcher laid next to one soldier. The herringbone pattern is one of the most beautiful brick-laying patterns. It can truly captivate the eye of the viewer, adding a strong first impression to the front entrance of a home. The pattern is ideal for driveways because of the way the brick interlocks, creating a surface that can handle significant weight.

“Drunk” Brick Pattern

If you like breaking the rules when it comes to your home renovation projects, the unusual brickwork known as the drunk brick pattern or Hollywood bond will bring a messy look to your walls and vertical structures.

This unconventional bond requires quite challenging masonry work. The Hollywood bond is an asymmetrical pattern where the bricks are sticking out and the courses are slanted, giving an artistic appeal. Because it gives the appearance of a fairytale cottage, this pattern is perfect for rustic themed landscapes.

English Bond

The English bond is a pattern that is made of continuous courses from which one is full of headers while the next is all stretchers. This pattern is a simple one, and extremely popular for residential buildings. But, the English cross bond variation (also known as Dutch bond) as well as the double English cross bond pattern are more interesting.

The Dutch bond uses a similar pattern, but with alternate headers and stretcher courses. Aside from strength, these patterns also adds beauty to the structure. By using a muted color scheme for occasional headers of the English bond, such as blue-gray ones, you can add a subtle texture to the brickwork.