4 Finishing Touches that Take Your Newton, MA, Landscape Design Project to the Next Level

Landscape design has the power to make or break the overall aesthetic of your property. That’s why you want to bring another level of elegance and creativity to your Newton, MA landscape. Here are four finishing touches to complete your landscape design project in style.

Pave the Way to Gorgeous Results

4 Finishing Touches that Take Your Newton, MA, Landscape Design Project to the Next Level

Every landscape is an opportunity to create something truly spectacular. When the grass is trimmed and the walls are in place, you have the unique opportunity to unleash creativity in both natural and manmade ways. One of the things you might not think about is the ground you’re standing on. Sure, it’s easy to throw just anything down and think no one cares, but what if you decided to take your paving to greater heights? Depending on the color and laying pattern of your pavers, you can elevate your landscape in glorious ways. For a modern sophisticated look, for example, silver-grey and black pavers laid in a uniform way do an excellent job producing a sleek appearance. Light, sandy colors can create a Mediterranean feel, while choosing a random pattern for white or grey stone, can bring the French countryside to your landscape.

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Light Up Your World

The right lighting can illuminate your landscape in a way that will make you wonder if you’ve been transported to another place. Lighting adds to the high-end look of your overall space, and can highlight focal points – structures, for example - that you want to show off all day and night. You and your guests won’t have to leave when the sun goes down, and you can take any social gathering well into the night. Lighting can also be used as a safety feature. Step lighting for pathways, stairs, and any other area necessary for traversing, makes it easy to see where you’re going at night. A professional lighting strategy will ensure that you have the best design and placement for your lighting, so it doesn’t end up looking too busy or overdone.

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Never Watered Down

You can’t go wrong with an opulent water feature. Water features will add an exotic and serene feel to any landscape. Sit and enjoy a bubbling brook, or take in the beauty of a well-crafted waterfall. You can even have multiple water features tastefully situated across your landscape, so that no matter where you look, class and charm greets you. With so many options to choose from, deciding on a water feature can be overwhelming. That’s why a team of dedicated landscape experts like us can help make your every wish come true. Whether it’s a mini garden fountain that floats your boat, an exquisite reflecting pond, or any other standout design, you won’t have to get there alone.

Structurally Speaking

In keeping with the theme of fine home dining and pleasing ambience, your property is just screaming for comfortable options to entertain guests. Pergolas offer such opportunity and allow for “dressing up or down” depending on your tastes. You can cover with canvas or other fabric for shade, or let vines climb its roof and sides for a more classic look. Gazebos with their built-in roofs make that part a little simpler, but you can add seating, tables, and more, to entertain in style for hours.

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