5 Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs to Consider for Your Concord, NH, Landscape

An outdoor kitchen island can serve as part of a greater whole, but can also be a complete culinary station in its entirety. If your outdoor living space in Concord, NH, is limited, you can rely on an outdoor kitchen island to provide you with the surface area needed to serve drinks and place the finishing touches on food from the grill. Here are a few elements of landscape design to consider when constructing an outdoor kitchen island:

A Classic Adobe Style

Rich, earthy stonework and southwestern design elements can give your outdoor kitchen island a warm, cozy look and feel with classic flair. Incorporate orange and red tones into the stonework and finish the island off with a border of colorful tiles. Primary colors like red and blue will stand out vividly and are good color options for the accent tiles. Any stainless steel appliances and sinks will look beautiful in conjunction with the desert hues in the stone. Install a dark wooden pergola overhead to define the outdoor kitchen and create a cozy atmosphere.

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A Shabby Chic Aesthetic

5 Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs to Consider for Your Concord, NH, Landscape

A rustic outdoor kitchen island can give your outdoor living space a characterful appearance and character-packed feel. Utilize red bricks for their bold appearance and time-worn finish. They can be covered with a light wash of white paint to give them a more distressed appearance. Utilize highly textured wood for cabinet doors and shelves for the pergola overhead. Pair these stunning materials with bricks or brick-like concrete pavers in a chevron pattern underfoot.

A Luxurious Stone Island

Natural stone can be used in a variety of ways to create stunning outdoor kitchen islands. Utilize a thin, polished granite slab as a countertop that achieves a level of luxury similar to that of your indoor kitchen. A concrete island can be veneered with natural stone in various styles to suit the aesthetic of your hardscape. Stacked stone conforms to a linear layout that pairs well with the geometric nature of modern hardscapes. The stone can also be arranged randomly to achieve a casual, unrefined appearance that is warm and inviting.

A Beach Vibe

Plenty of wooden panels can be used to create beach bar-like outdoor kitchen islands. The wood should be whitewashed or otherwise distressed to create the impression of prolonged exposure to the elements. Untreated, rusting metals and other unrefined materials can be paired with this island to enhance its beach aesthetic. Consider creating a hollow in which painted wooden crates can be stored for housing firewood or utensils. Place woven wicker bar stools nearby and install a mini refrigerator into the island for easy access to refreshing cold drinks.

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The Right Shape and Size

In order to determine how large or compact your island should be, you will need to clarify what purpose you want it to serve. A stand-alone kitchen island that performs all the functions of an entire outdoor kitchen will need to be much larger than an island used purely for serving food. List all the appliances the island will need to house so that you can, with the help of your landscape contractor, plan their best possible layout.

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