7 Charming Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas for Your Newton, MA, Patio

While the prospects of toasty fires, romantic evenings, and melted marshmallows might be superbly welcome, keep in mind the permanence of your design as you plan to install a fire pit in your Newton, MA, patio. With some landscaping excellence, you can make sure that your new fire feature is charming and well-suited to your style and temperament.

Carefully Choose the Perfect Spot

When planning for your fire pit, extend your focus past the feature itself. The placement and the surroundings matter almost as much as the hardscape structure. If it’s put within a barren landscape, without thought to access or to seating, the fire pit won’t get the attention it deserves. And it won’t have the effect of inviting others around for warm conversations around the fire.

Add a Seat Wall

When installing a permanently constructed fire pit, why not add a seat wall at the same time? The pair will work together to make each other more functional and enjoyable. With professional landscaping, you can even extend the seat wall to create a riser, bleacher-like seating area. This idea would not only seat more guests—it would also serve to block wind, which can be very useful when the pit is being used.

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Go Classic with Brick

Regardless of the style of your home, going with an homage to classic brick is a certain success. Make sure that your seating wall and fire pit match for a startlingly powerful effect. This look will be charming whether you have a modern, traditional, or colonial home. It’s unique while feeling homey at the same time.

Place Matching Pavers Around the Pit

7 Charming Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas for Your Newton, MA, Patio

The floor for your fire pit could match the feature itself. Choose pavers that mirror the units composing your fire pit for a seamless hardscape. The combination is eye-catching and elevates what could have been a plain fire pit into focal point of your landscape.

Complement the Style of Your Home

When considering the design options of your fire pit and its surroundings, you may be encouraged to honor and highlight your home by having the fire pit meld within your property’s existing style. Use similar coloring and shape to achieve this effect. For a modern home with straight lines throughout, a square fire pit may be the most fitting choice. Similarly, for a home that is set within a landscape of hills, embrace the terrain by creating a sunken fire pit situation.

Contrast the Coping Color

To make your fire pit feature stand out and welcome you in, create a contrast between the coping of the seating and fire pit and the wall units used for construction. A lighter color at the top will make the construction focus the eye and draw in guests, welcoming them with a successful and charming fire pit construction.

Fire Pit Cut-Outs

The blaze of a fire when it’s lit will provide an unexpected charm when you have custom design cut-outs from which to view the fire. Whimsical dancing fairies, hearty wildlife depictions, or an homage to a favorite team are some of the possibilities.

Experts in fire pit designs can go over the many options—including the landscaping ideas on this list and the ideas you haven’t even thought of yet.