Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Concord Homes

A backyard is less appealing if it’s constantly sprouting weeds or needing replacement pavers. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to plan ahead and create a landscape that will require little human intervention. Consulting a landscape architect or contractor will shed plenty of light on the subject of low maintenance landscaping, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can minimize upkeep and maximize aesthetic appeal in your Concord, NH, backyard.

Plant for convenience

Low maintenance landscaping relies heavily on perennial plants, as they will continue to contribute color and a lively energy to the landscape for years. Annuals, on the other hand, have a year-long life cycle and require regular replanting. When planting trees, opt for evergreens as they won’t drop debris into your pool during the fall and will keep your landscape looking colorful throughout winter.

Xeriscaping, a popular trend, is renowned for its low maintenance requirements and modern aesthetic. This trend entails opting for drought-resistant plants, like succulents, that rarely need to be watered or pruned. While their time-saving benefits are clear, these plants can also be eye-catching because they are distinct from the regular shrubs and trees that we’re used to seeing in our neighborhoods. They are usually planted in beds that are covered with gravel or quaint stones for a textured look.


Low maintenance materials

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Concord, NH, Homes

Opt for durable materials, like concrete pavers, that won’t crack or swell and require replacing. If you’d prefer to incorporate natural stone into your patio or poolside, you may want to opt for a hardy variety, like slate, which is resistant to frost and does not absorb water easily. This will ensure that an accumulation of frozen water won’t cause cracks in your luxurious stone patio. Outdoor kitchens will require surfaces that are easy to clean, and concrete pavers resistant to UV damage will alleviate the need for regular repairs.


Opt for less grass

Consider extending your hardscape and allow it to consume more of your lawn. While lawns require hard work to keep them neat and vibrant, hardscapes consisting of pavers, stone, and brick require far less maintenance. Your hardscape can also complement the home in a far more purposeful way than a softscape. Various materials can be used to echo the color palette of the home, or create striking contrasts that make it stand out.


Beds of mulch are another alternative to grass that don’t need to be mowed or watered. Not only are they low maintenance, but they also contribute towards keeping the rest of your softscape healthy by fertilizing the plants and preventing the growth of weeds. Stunning contrasts can be created between dark mulch beds and crisp green leaves, drawing more well-deserved attention to your plant life.

Throw out the hose

Having an irrigation system installed will ensure that your softscape is always watered and will save you plenty of time. By fitting your irrigation system with a timer and rain sensor, you don’t even have to remember to switch the system on when it's needed, or turn it off when it rains. All you need to do to keep this system running is check its battery bi-annually and ensure that it is protected from frost during winter.